Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Halloween Anthology Comic...YES FREE!!

*UPDATE As it is now no longer Halloween, the link to the comic has been removed.

HOWEVER, ALL IS NOT LOST! Read my contribution below. Written by Steven D Quirke and Lettered by Mike Stock. Drawn by me, obvs! Enjoy!

Once in a while, something very VERY special comes around and we get all excited.

A bit like HALLOWEEN!!

To celebrate this darkest of days and nightest of nightmares (eh?!) join me and bunch of very clever and talented indy/small press comic book writers and illustrators by downloading the very, very VERY EXCELLENT:


Click that link above to download the comic!
Did I mention it is completely FREE I think I did in the title but's FREE!! 

The anthology is made up of (fittingly) 13 stories, with some shorts from established series such as Afterlife Inc., Bertie Bear, The Gee Bees, The Kill Screen, Little Terrors, and The Red Mask, as well as some great little one-offs.

Cover to the anthology.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica Graphic Story Prize Entry

Well, the last time I posted something I covered myself in icy water for this time I am posting the work I did for a competition. Sadly, I did not win nor come in as a runner up, but it felt good to do something for a purpose other than to print on a medium scale and sell locally or at cons. It hasn't put me off entering future Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica contests and I might even be entering one or two other comics, illustration or story telling contests over the next year.

You can read about the winning entry on the Guardian's website here.

There is also a contestant in the form of Myfanwy Tristram who has an extensive list of entries on her BLOG.

Here is my piece for the contest which when I place side-by-side with the winning entries (and compare with some of the others on Myfanwy's blog) I feel somewhat unconfident, but I still like the story I produced even if it might have rubbish dialogue - which I feel I rushed a bit. I also sent my entry in the post the day before the deadline by special delivery so it would arrive before noon! I think I will send competition entries in the post a little earlier from now on, that was stressful!

Anyway, I hope if finds some kindly readers out there that do like it and might give me some good critical pointers...cheers!

Click on the picture to view a bigger version!