Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another bit of project news...

I taught a workshop in comic book art last summer and the museum (
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology) and I are putting together an anthology of the work the kids did...

Here displayed is the introduction page I created in comic format...!

The publication will be available for free from the Petrie Museum and also (possibly/hopefully) in
GOSH! comics.


Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey folks.
February will bring the Dragon Festival in Norwich and I am involved teaching a comics workshop on the fantastic themes of mythical beasts, chivalrous knights and fair maidens! This may possibly be the image that runs in the programme and it's what I have been working on most of today!
A drawing of the main 'good guy' cast for the new comic I'm working on with Jose Cruz. The police officer is totally wrong! I drew it without looking at the original design...see below, which I prefer...but the girl/secretary is a lot more what I wanted to do...a girl-next-door, cute-but-a-little-ditsy kinda character, with an eye for our hunky main man Markham!

He's now writing a 6-8 page treatment to see how this story is going to work...if it does those pages will form the prologue flashback to the rest of the 22page(ish) issue#1!

Getting exciting now!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here is the final painting for our campaign to make JON HAMM FOR SUPERMAN!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Next part...making a painting to coincide with the #jonhammforsuperman campaign!

NEW LITTLE PROJECT! Doing a campaign with my good pal Anthony Melton on trying to get the movie studios to hire Jon Hamm for Superman.

We feel extremely strongly about this that an older, experienced Superman would make sense to cinema audiences...the character and the movies have been around for a far few years and pretty firmly cemented in our world culture...! We don't need another remake, we need clear, intelligent ideas about story and character and not just about making wonderful special effects for the sake of it! Jon Hamm has both sides of the Superman/Clark Kent character nailed by seeing his most recent performances on TV and in Film.

We are passionate about Jon Hamm for Superman...if you are too please show your support by tweeting #jonhammforsuperman on twitter (if you have one!!).

Sunday, October 03, 2010




Been a while. School started up again after the Summer break and it has been busy, busy, busy! I have had the chance to work on a few here is the rest of the main cast list character designs for the comic that I am working on!