Sunday, October 23, 2011

Upon request from Ben Franklin over at Bloody Cuts Films, I have created some illustrations based on my one-page comic strip of Stitches, their latest filmic offering. This may be used on T-Shirts and/or poster designs.

Click the image below to check out Bloody Cuts Films and, more importantly, help them with their fundraising campaign for the rest of their series of films...UK talent in the Arts and Film industry at it's absolute best...


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's a little piece I did inspired by STITCHES...the latest short horror film from Bloody Cuts Films...PLEASE CHECK OUT THE FILM BELOW AND CLICK THE LINKS TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE!! Bloody Cuts Films is a little group of creatives working in Film, Design and Art that are putting together 13 short horror films because they want to! I am involved making story boards, creature and monster design and other production designs. There will be more for me to post about after episode 3 comes out in a few weeks time!!!

Bloody Cuts Films are currently trying to raise money to fund the rest of their series...PLEASE CHECK OUT THEIR FUND/HAIR RAISING VID HERE!! Please find some cash to give generously to their's a great opportunity to support up and coming talent from the UK Arts, Film and Television industry...speaking from the perspective of a teacher, an industry which has been suffering from Government interference, taking away money ergo jobs (oh damn, used a bit of Latin there, Mr. Gove will be proud ;D) and narrowing the curriculum meaning fewer children are able to make the choices for their career that they want. A Government which has done this with no consultation from those on the front line which it affects the most!

Anyway, I promised myself before I wrote this that I wouldn't end up ranting about the state of UK education...but hey, sorry folks!

Cheers, kel.