Thursday, March 28, 2013

Project News: Prefect

Above, an image/snippet from page 1 of PREFECT, my graphic novel that has just got started.

Today's headlines:

So I have several projects on the go at once right now!

  • The GeeBees Comic (with Steven D Quirke writing and Mike Stock lettering) is on issue#2, drawing page 2 of 9;
  • SIDEKICK #5 is in production on page 6 of 22 at the moment;
  • USER (with Anthony Melton doing the story, adapted and illustrated by me) has just begun with page 1 having been completed yesterday...look out for more images and snippets on that one soon AND;
  • My graphic novel, currently titled PREFECT, is now in production. I completed page 1 of that yesterday as well and I might be looking at 250 pages for that one or there abouts. It will be EPIC!!! I have a great story to tell with this one, delving into my own experiences as a secondary school pupil in the early 90s and being influenced by my current experiences as a teacher, as well as lots of political issues both through the eyes of children and adults surrounding jobs, life and bullies. It should be good!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Illustration Friday: Swim

A while ago, I started regularly entering illustrations to Illustration Friday...and then stopped for some reason.

I want to start doing it again, more regularly for practice and giggles and whatnot and now that I have bought a new house with a stunning office/studio space I want to use more regularly too!

This week is SWIM and, giving it a bit of thought, got me thinking to classic sci-fi literature, specifically Jules Verne, inspired me to think up with this shot. From the point of view of the cockpit of Captain Nemo's sub, coming face-to-face with the notorious and vicious giant squid!

Apologies for the re-upload on the Illustration Friday website by the way, but this link didn't originally work!


All artwork © 2013, Kel Winser

Print available to purchase! Please contact me for more info; quote: Swim.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sidekick news!

Yes, been a while but my comic book 'Sidekick' issue5 is in production and will hopefully see release in time for the Bristol Comic Con.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The GeeBees: Latest News

'Going for a wee stroll...' The latest snippet from The GeeBees no.1, part2.

Written and Created by Steven D Quirke
Illustrated by Kel Winser
Lettering by Mike Stock

All artwork is Copyright © 2012-2013, Kel Winser. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

The GeeBees Comic Update!

We are getting closer and closer to completion on the first part of The GeeBees Comic. Mike Stock is currently lettering the art and it is looking very swish indeed...just see these new snippets. Great fonts, great balloons, great scott!! This will be good!

The GeeBees Presents, The Grand Tour #1: Back In Training

Written and Created by Steven D Quirke
Illustrated by Kel Winser
Lettering by Mike Stock

All artwork is Copyright © 2012-2013, Kel Winser.