Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Due for release in about a month's time (aiming for end of May!) is:

SIDEKICK: A Cautionary Tale
Written and Illustrated by Kel Winser

The story stars Robin Grayson, a rather angry young comics artist who has tragedy strike his life and an adventure ensues. Rescue, intrigue, mayhem and cock ups! This book has it all. It will be available from Abstract Sprocket in Norwich and some other outlets I have yet to investigate (hopefully!) otherwise you'll be able to buy it from my website www.kelwinser.com

Intended to be a continuous saga with no ending planned, I'm starting off slowly with an issue every two months. There may be an end, there may not! Here are a couple of pages from the story...

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Easter, I will be doing a holiday workshop in a high school! The theme will be 'inspiration' and I have created these comics-style comic book covers which we are going to enlarge and jigsaw together to poster up in the school somewhere!

Really looking forward to it and also I really like these images I came up with. Realistically, I would have got the kids to do comics covers with inspirational slogans all over it but I only have an hour with two groups! Not a lot of time...eh?!?

Anyway, will probably post an image of what the kids do on the day...look out for those.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Been a looooong long time i know, been busy with school stuff and some comics stuff that i'm not quite ready to reveal yet...! watch this space though!

I've also been working with my good friend Matt Robertson, http://hattstudio.blogspot.com on a couple of projects soon be released and unleashed on the world!

In the meantime, the pic posting pic of a set of four lino block prints I did for mother's day...! turned out quite nice if I was cutting it a little fine on the timing!

speak soon, cheers!

Matt Robertson Illustrator