Monday, September 23, 2013

Comics art update...

So, here's an artwork update...

1. Hepatitis Z, Written and Drawn by Kel Winser
Here is a sneak other words unlettered...of the first of an 8-page Zombie Horror/Comedy I am doing for Borderline Press. Out later this winter, this has to be finished by the beginning of next week and I still have the other 7 pages to ink!! Better crack on...

2. ...However, below is the first page in the eagerly awaited The Gee Bees, part the Zombie comic has thrown a slight timing spanner in the works - I am attempting to ink both issues (one 8 pages, the other 9 pages) simultaneously! So like I said before, better get cracking!

Monday, September 09, 2013

New Convention Date Added...

So this evening, my good friend Matt Robertson showed me the following event coming up in London this I booked a table! Now just waiting to see if I'm doing this show for sure!

UPDATE...the money went through so I am definitely on the list of attendees for this one-day con!

Find the Comiket fair website...HERE!

Comica Comiket on Saturday 02 November 2013!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Comics News!

Among the THOUSANDS of projects I got going on, I've written and will be drawing a zombie story for an anthology being produced by Borderline Press. Here's a design/concept drawing for it.

Hepatitis Z is the story of James, the unsuspecting carrier of the most lethal sexually transmitted disease known to the human race.

Look out for the Borderline Press zombie comic anthology, Winter 2013!