Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mr. Tony Law

I've recently started enjoying the comedy stylings of Tony Law...so I drew this cartoon after the wife bought us tickets to see his show in Norwich on Nov 14th. I instagrammed a photo of this yesterday, but here is a scan that I have cleaned up a bit in Photoshop!

Tony Law, made with letraset promarkers, watercolours and pentel brushpen.

Here's a bit of film from off of YouTube...

Monday, November 04, 2013

Some shameless plugging!

Couple of things to promote...

Firstly, ZOMBRE - http://www.borderline-press.co.uk/Title?titleId=2

15 tales of zombie brilliance which includes many amazing talents as well as the likes of me believe it or not! Yes, I have a story that I have written and drawn in this anthology. EXCITED MUCH!! You can pre-order it today - this edition has been edited by Will Vigar!

AND - Part Three of The Gee Bees: The Grand Tour is online NOW NOW NOW I say!! Please go here:http://thegeebeescomic.co.uk/issues_GT03.html to enjoy all the comicky goodness written by Steven D Quirke, lettering by Michael Stock, with Art and Colours by myself.

oh..and please share this with your friends, would really appreciate it...thanks, love you, bye!!