Friday, August 09, 2013

User - A One-Shot Comic

So, I'm working on several projects right now and one of them is a horror comic called USER. My good friend Anthony Melton, of Bloody Cuts fame, wrote a screenplay which was not going to be made into a short horror film (well, not yet anyway!) and so he passed it onto me to see if I could have a go at converting it into the comics medium.

I really dug his story and a couple of night of nights later I had transposed it into a 24 page comic script, the art I am now working on. To date, I am exactly half way (so on page 13) through the drawings and boy, have I given myself a challenge here...but it is paying off! Without giving too much away, here is a 6-page preview of the book. It doesn't give much away as it's only in pencils and there aren't any speech bubbles, but the end product will be smashing!

Here's a peek into my process too. Sometimes I'll photograph myself in poses of whatever so that I can draw them into the panels - here is a look at panel 4 of page 12:

As you can see, there's a little bit of artistic license that goes into making these comics otherwise this scene would look less like a druid throwing a young girl but a hoody street yobbo!

Cheers, comments welcome!

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