Sunday, April 07, 2013

Illustration Friday: Urban

For this week's Illustration Friday topic (Urban) I wanted to make something of a comparative notion on Urban Landscapes...combining the countryside and urban landscapes in one image. My ideas went so far into thinking about the animals in either environment, ones that are hunted/targeted by others as prey in one form or another. Other ideas that came to mind were the urbanisation of countrysides and small villages to get trade through tourism and also human beings destroying country landscapes to put up cheap housing (hence the reason the tower block scene is above). By the way, the animal in the countryside scene is a deer, not a horse...!

This image is a bit of a mish-mash of other images too. Below is a little insight to my process.

First I created a painting of the idea using watercolours.


I then scanned the painting, turned it into blue line and printed it so I could trace it with inks. I used a Platinum refillable brush pen and a Kuretake brush pen. Once dry, I scanned again and turned some lines dark red, brown and grey. The lines were changed and layered over the painting in Photoshop. I fiddled about with the opacity of all colour line layers until I was happy with the final mix.

Print available to purchase! Please contact me for more info; quote: Urban.

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