Thursday, March 28, 2013

Project News: Prefect

Above, an image/snippet from page 1 of PREFECT, my graphic novel that has just got started.

Today's headlines:

So I have several projects on the go at once right now!

  • The GeeBees Comic (with Steven D Quirke writing and Mike Stock lettering) is on issue#2, drawing page 2 of 9;
  • SIDEKICK #5 is in production on page 6 of 22 at the moment;
  • USER (with Anthony Melton doing the story, adapted and illustrated by me) has just begun with page 1 having been completed yesterday...look out for more images and snippets on that one soon AND;
  • My graphic novel, currently titled PREFECT, is now in production. I completed page 1 of that yesterday as well and I might be looking at 250 pages for that one or there abouts. It will be EPIC!!! I have a great story to tell with this one, delving into my own experiences as a secondary school pupil in the early 90s and being influenced by my current experiences as a teacher, as well as lots of political issues both through the eyes of children and adults surrounding jobs, life and bullies. It should be good!

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