Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Illustration Friday: Swim

A while ago, I started regularly entering illustrations to Illustration Friday...and then stopped for some reason.

I want to start doing it again, more regularly for practice and giggles and whatnot and now that I have bought a new house with a stunning office/studio space I want to use more regularly too!

This week is SWIM and, giving it a bit of thought, got me thinking to classic sci-fi literature, specifically Jules Verne, inspired me to think up with this shot. From the point of view of the cockpit of Captain Nemo's sub, coming face-to-face with the notorious and vicious giant squid!

Apologies for the re-upload on the Illustration Friday website by the way, but this link didn't originally work!


All artwork © 2013, Kel Winser

Print available to purchase! Please contact me for more info; quote: Swim.

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