Monday, May 27, 2013

Illustration Friday: Tension

'Hey! Back up, I got the mother load!'

It was my wife's birthday yesterday, and to celebrate I made her this card...there are speech bubbles on the card as well, but I have decided to present the illustration only for this one. She has had a little obsession with pallets so that we can make our own garden furniture and that, so I decided to draw a joke based on that! It went down really well!!

Illustration Friday's topic this week is TENSION and I thought I'd present this piece as it shows a lot of tension in the weight of the pallets on the forklift truck. Pretty simple reason really, but the simplest answers are often the best (if I don't say so myself!!).

Comments welcome...thanks!

Print available to purchase! Please contact me for more info; quote: Tension.

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