Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's a little piece I did inspired by STITCHES...the latest short horror film from Bloody Cuts Films...PLEASE CHECK OUT THE FILM BELOW AND CLICK THE LINKS TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE!! Bloody Cuts Films is a little group of creatives working in Film, Design and Art that are putting together 13 short horror films because they want to! I am involved making story boards, creature and monster design and other production designs. There will be more for me to post about after episode 3 comes out in a few weeks time!!!

Bloody Cuts Films are currently trying to raise money to fund the rest of their series...PLEASE CHECK OUT THEIR FUND/HAIR RAISING VID HERE!! Please find some cash to give generously to their's a great opportunity to support up and coming talent from the UK Arts, Film and Television industry...speaking from the perspective of a teacher, an industry which has been suffering from Government interference, taking away money ergo jobs (oh damn, used a bit of Latin there, Mr. Gove will be proud ;D) and narrowing the curriculum meaning fewer children are able to make the choices for their career that they want. A Government which has done this with no consultation from those on the front line which it affects the most!

Anyway, I promised myself before I wrote this that I wouldn't end up ranting about the state of UK education...but hey, sorry folks!

Cheers, kel.

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