Thursday, June 02, 2011

Digital inking (and lettering)!

I've been toying around with Manga Studio which landed in my lap a few weeks ago now...

The virtual inking techniques it is capable of are far superior than anything on Photoshop or Illustrator (sorry Adobe, but they are...I still love you dearly!). Especially when using a Wacom tablet or similar (other tablet and pen sets are available!).

As well as digitally inking my comics with Manga Studio, I can also letter it as well. A little clunky at first as I am learning how to do it and there are more intuitive aspects to it than I originally thought, like trying to join 2 word balloons, just erase the line!! I still think Illustrator is a better prog for lettering - but to be able to do everything in 1 prog is going to be a massive time saver...even if I am having to learn something new.

I highly recommend Manga Studio for all forms of comics making and cartooning, not just Manga styles - but the Manga-specific tones incorporated are also very nice.

Of course, this still doesn't beat the good ol' pencils, pens, brushes and drawing board, but the digital creations are good for more 'mainstream-looking' comics.

By the way, all this stuff illustrated, comes from a comic I am working on for fun (maybe publication) written by Joel Morgan. It's called UNDEAD and it's about zombies. Surprise surprise right? Well, this does have a twist...who are the zombies? Is it subversive TV-watching types? Is it so-called 'wrong-doers' society has now turned their back on? Or is it the dead, risen to feast on the flesh of the living? All of the above? We'll see. More as it happens!


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Looks good Kel !