Sunday, May 08, 2011

So here is my FREE comic for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. It is a prelude to the issue #1 of SIDEKICK which will be released later this summer (JULY/AUGUST). As of now I am getting halfway through issue #2 and getting issue #3 well under way so that I can get ahead of myself for release dates...! This is truely a monumental task, creating a comic book on your own, but this is a story that started 8 or so years ago and I recently had a brain wave on getting it started.

The story here has my main character ROBIN GRAYSON (a play on both the superhero character of ROBIN and his alter ego DICK GRAYSON) getting some free comics for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! It's a tongue-in-cheek poke at the comic shop world ) of which I have been a part of in the past as well as a glance into our main characters goals and ambitions which as we'll find out are what makes him so bitter as a person! To all intense and purposes it's semi-autobiographical in that I have taken aspects of my life, friends and quirks or whatever from people I have known or met over the years and jumbled them all into the people in this series.

As this was a FREE COMIC, you may print, staple/assemble this issue to your heart's desire! If you were in Norwich on Saturday 7th, especially at ABSTRACT SPROCKET comic shop, you may very well have picked up a copy among all your other FREE COMICS!

Comments welcomed, many thanks!

Hope you like it!

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