Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So school has just started again after the summer break! What a fine time to find one of the best collaborations ever!! I am going to find the time like crazy to work on this new project as it is a really exciting premise!

I'm working with Jose Cruz, based based in Florida, USA, on his idea of a P.P.I (paranormal, private investigator!). I really want to get moving on this as we are going to aim this at Image Comics but initially self-publish this book! So, for now I will be posting news in the way of visuals, character designs and a few panels but not whole thing as we are going to try and sell us and the ideas to a publishers!

Wish us luck! And keep posted!

Above is the design for the main villain if the story!

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Unknown said...

I liked this in B+W, but the green has added a whole new thang.
Nice work.