Saturday, March 06, 2010

So I have been out for a wander around town and did a bit of drawing and research for a commission.

I have been hired by an old high school chum to create a fictional cartoon band for his new music project (like the Gorillaz, only my style - love Jamie Hewitt though!). Check out his tunes at Evesound Myspace. On display above is about half an hour of watching the world go by and spotting various looks, fashions and faces that seemed to fit to the music as it played in my ear via my ipod! Next will be the job of refining the looks of some of these to make a band.

Also while I was walking through town, there was an accident (I don't know what actually happened) and couldn't resist drawing an ambulance that was at the side of the street for a fair amount of time...I hope everybody involved is okay!! I have scanned this and added some colour. I have drawn more today but will reserve that for another post!


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