Monday, September 28, 2009

I know, I know, it's been a long while since some art was last posted - moved house and started new job. Can't be more specific than that really!
But I'm back! Before I go on, the Parker illustration won me a sketchbook (published comic of sketch art, designs and concepts by Darwyn Cooke) which I received a couple of weeks ago now. It's signed and I'm well chuffed with it!!

Today I am posting some art from a new project I'm doing with a student from school my new school (been there 4 weeks!). It's separate from actual school stuff so it's quite exciting.
Suffice to say the student in question is very popular yet has a few personal issues in and out of school which will prevent her from achieving her full potential if she is not careful. She is very creative indeed, has an excellent grasp of storytelling although her dyslexia does prevent her from being understood a lot of the time. I hope that by working with her to help express the stories she wants to tell will help maybe set her on a path which she may find favourable. I wish her a lot of luck with this and I want to show you the fruits of the work I have created so far. It's a short ghost story and the characters shown are (left to right) girl, James, Mr. Smith (alive) and Mr. Smith (the ghost).

More on this as soon as it happens. The next stage of breaking the story down into panels for a comic strip is what's happening next. Cheers!

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