Monday, August 11, 2008

Illustration Friday - 'Sail'

This short comic strip story has been produced for the Illustration Friday website. Every Friday the site sends automatic emails out with a topic for an illustration, which I have been receiving for ages but this is my first go at it! I only just finished this and got around to putting it up here today!

I hope to get one done every week from now on!



John B. Watson said...

Nice work! I really like your loose, expressionistic style. The restrained color palette is very effective as well. said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment John. I really like the fact that computers can 'do it all' but really like to restrain it's use - i feel it compliments my drawn/brushy lines and helps the work speak to the audience! If one goes all out on gradients, glares and lens flares etc, you kill the essence of the artwork!