Thursday, May 03, 2007

Panel 2 Panel

An interesting day today! I started my course on comic book storytelling, 'Panel2Panel', with 9 year 7 and 8, (11, 12, 13 years old) students from Peacehaven Community School where I also work as an Art Technician! No pictures just yet but we did start a comic jam (the kind you can check out on Linoleum Press) and the kids also drew a lot whilst I was talking about comics and they were looking/reading all the examples I brought in to show and use as influence and information! I think they had a real good time and also it was something different for some of them to do in a school environment, with all the other stuff they consider a negative to be dealing with at their age, they can really 'let go' in these classes! I saw some of these guys be themselves more in my class then they have been elsewhere! Real enthusiasm and excitement from them! I'm dead chuffed!!

More soon!

By the way, like I said to the guys on my course, it's Free Comic Book Day on Saturday so make sure you get down to your local comic shop to pick yours up! (buy some too mind you!)

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Matthew robertson said...

well done kel. Nice one! looking forward to seeing the pics!